#ClickLocal: Spread the Word

Here are a few tips for sharing #ClickLocal to support North Country small businesses:

  • •  Add the hashtag #ClickLocal to your posts — and tag ANCA (@ADKnorthcountry on Facebook, @adk_northcountry on Instagram) so we can amplify your message
  • •  Post about the ways your business is encouraging people to #ClickLocal — delivery or pickup options, special offers, online or phone ordering, etc. 
  • •  Create and post your own images, videos, memes, gifs, etc. that include #ClickLocal
  • •  Like and share others’ posts that use #ClickLocal messaging 
  • •  Like and follow ANCA on Facebook and Instagram where we’ll be promoting the #ClickLocal campaign

Need some ideas for your posts? Here are a few sample messages. Borrow these or create your own!:

  • •  #ClickLocal first.
  • •  Make #ClickLocal the new normal.
  • •  Together, we can help small businesses survive the COVID-19 crisis. #ClickLocal
  • •  Our local businesses (small businesses) need our support right now. #ClickLocal
  • •  Every purchase helps. #ClickLocal
  • •  Every time you #clicklocal, you make a difference for someone in your community.


Here are some #ClickLocal images for sharing. Feel free to create your own!:




Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - 15:30