Common Ground Alliance sets good example for leadership

July, 2018

We encountered a fleeting phenomenon last week:

Civil discussion. 

It was almost uncanny. 

Hundreds of people from across the Adirondacks gathered at the Lake Placid Golf Club House to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the region, including workforce development, overuse in the High Peaks and the perennial question of how to attract young people to sustain our struggling communities. 

There were no screaming matches, hurt feelings, fistfights or resentful diatribes. 

Twenty years ago, some of these people wouldn’t have been caught dead sitting across from one another (and would have been ostracized by their peers if they had, one attendee wryly remarked). 

It’s easy to scoff at some of the soaring rhetoric coming out of this year’s Common Ground Alliance, but the annual event is an exercise in what can be possible once people set aside their egos and agendas and come together for the common good.

The result is a fascinating intellectual laboratory that has tangible, measurable results, stakeholders say.

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