Small high-tech lights to equal big savings at Ogdensburg’s Remington Museum

October, 2018

OGDENSBURG — The Frederic Remington Art Museum should save over $6,000 annually on its electric bill after upgrading hundreds of outdated light bulbs with more energy efficient LEDs.

The project is being paid for in part through a partnership between National Grid and the SmartWatt company, which specializes in optimizing energy use for small businesses and government.

Remington Art Museum Executive Director Laura A. Foster said Wednesday that National Grid is paying roughly 60 percent of the overall cost of the improvements, which will involve swapping out more than 200 outdated lights throughout the museum complex.

“The entire project is $12,468.24 and they chip in $7,480.94,” Ms. Foster said.

She said hundreds of bulbs, mostly incandescent, will be replaced, although changes to some outdated florescent fixtures are also part of the modernization plan.

Ms. Foster said the museum’s portion of the project will pay for itself in approximately eight months, with annual savings of approximately $6,000 expected after that. In addition to saving money, she said the upgrade will also provide for a safer environment for both employees and the museum’s extensive inventory of priceless Remington works.

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