North Country, Canadian officials bet on farmers

October, 2018

Agri-tourism effort aims to support rural towns, small biz

FORT-COULONGE, QUEBEC | In a small ballroom in the back of Fort-Coulonge’s historic Spruceholme Inn, a delegation of Canadian mayors, officials and Quebec farmers mingled with visiting Americans from New York and Vermont as the smell of locally-sourced mushroom soup and pork-stuffed chicken wafted through the hall.

The Canadians had planned this gala last week for their visitors, a warm welcome to their neighbors from across the border who had come to taste what their region had to offer as part of the early stages of the CANAMEX agri-tourism project, a sprawling system of cuisine trails between New York, Vermont, Quebec and Ontario that officials hope will connect in the future. 

That future could be coming very soon, according to Quebec resident David Gillespie, founder of CANAMEX. Officials are angling to connect the trails cross-border by spring.

Planning for that launch is ongoing.

While speeding through the rural Canadian countryside, just prior to arriving at the Inn last week, Gillespie and the American visitors were seen huddled in the front of a Prevost tourbus to discuss what, exactly, to name this sprawling agri-tourism effort once it’s complete.

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