Adirondack Regional Economic Analysis Released

January, 2019

What’s growing? Where should we invest? The Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA) and regional partners set out to answer these and other questions facing North Country communities by completing an economic analysis of the entire 14-county Adirondack North Country region.

Findings from the research are now publicly available.

ANCA and collaborators recently released the report, Regional Economic Analysis for the Adirondack North Country, which documents economic trends in the region and opportunities for local investment, as well as county-level demographic and economic data. The full report is available on ANCA’s website at

“Many of us whose work focuses on growing local economies, revitalizing downtowns and protecting our natural and cultural assets felt we needed more information to guide our work,” said ANCA Executive Director Kate Fish in an announcement of the report’s release sent to the press. “We wanted to have a data-driven analysis to help focus where we need to be investing our collective resources and where the highest priority opportunities are for turning around our local and regional economies.”

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