Winter Food Summit at Wild Center

January, 2019

TUPPER LAKE — The North Country Food Justice Working Group is holding its second annual Winter Food Summit, titled “Feed Back: Cultivating Action,” at the Wild Center.

The summit is held in the hope that all North Country residents can have access to healthy, affordable food in all seasons, while helping Adirondack farms remain viable.

More than 30 speakers, panelists, and presenters and 160 participants attended last year’s Food Justice Summit.

This year, participants will learn about the Adirondack food system and how to get engaged in creating positive change, including farming the land, food security efforts, political activism, community organizings and nutrition education. The summit will include a keynote address by scholar and consultant Frances Westley.

Participants have the option to attend two of 10 possible breakout sessions. Topics include: grass-tops change for the North Country food system; addressing food security in the primary care setting; education as a tool for food system transformation; digital storytelling and food justice in the North Country; Underground Railroad training; advocacy for farmers; storytelling and reaching across differences; a food access panel; “Who Controls the Land?”; and “The Farmacy Model,” a case study for incorporating farm stores into existing rural brick-and-mortar business.

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