Adirondack Wild honors Diversity Initiative director

December, 2020

SARANAC LAKE — Adirondack Wild awarded Adirondack Diversity Initiative Director Nicole Hylton-Patterson the 2020 Wild Stewardship Award on Friday.

“We’re just getting started,” she said, saying she has a lot planned for 2021.

David Gibson, managing partner of the environmental advocacy group, said this award is usually given to individuals doing work in the wilderness, but this year he felt it was necessary to recognize someone working to bring in a new, diverse generation of wilderness stewards.

“After watching one of her anti-racism seminars, I was just overwhelmed,” Gibson said. “She got to me. That’s what convinced me to go to my board and say, ‘If you’re going to keep a wild Adirondacks, everyone has to take ownership of it.'”

He said Hylton-Patterson represents the work of many people around the park and that long-term stewardship can only be achieved through a multi-racial coalition of environmentalists.

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