Electric avenue

February, 2021

By Mike De Socio

When Rebecca Hughes stops in at the Sunoco station on U.S. 9 in Schroon Lake, she always seems to draw attention from locals who aren’t very familiar with electric vehicles.

“People are super curious, whether they’re current drivers or someone who maybe an EV has never crossed their mind,” said Hughes, who led the installation of four electric vehicle chargers there for the New York Power Authority this past December.

She says she often finds herself telling drivers of pickup trucks about an all-electric Ford F-150 that’s coming to market. And that’s exactly what the state’s installation of EV chargers in Schroon Lake was meant to do: Not only provide infrastructure, but spark conversations and generate interest in electric vehicle ownership.

The installation is part of a larger state effort dubbed EVolveNY, which aims to build 200 fast chargers at 50 locations across the state by the end of the year, with the goal of reducing “range anxiety” along New York’s major transportation corridors. In the Adirondacks, it’s one of multiple efforts to expand charging infrastructure and make owning an electric vehicle a more realistic option for residents and tourists alike.

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