Adirondack Diversity Initiative organizes free police training

February, 2021

An organization in the Adirondacks is offering free diversity training for local police departments. The Adirondack Diversity Initiative says the training complies with a state mandate requiring every police agency to address systemic racism and propose new reforms.

Earlier this week, the Adirondack Diversity Initiative sent a letter to every law enforcement agency in the North County. It laid out the training and materials offered free of charge to the first 60 officers who sign up.

ADI’s executive director Nicky Hylton-Patterson says she wanted to take money out of the equation.

“Because we understand that the state is really severely underfunded," Hylton-Patterson said, "and I always wanted to remove that excuse [that] we cannot afford it.”

Hylton-Patterson says ADI has raised more than $100,000 to pay for the training. They’ve hired RENZ Consulting, a firm run by Dr. Lorenzo Boyd, a Black former police officer who worked in Boston for more than a decade.

Hylton Patterson says RENZ will host three training sessions and along with additional online consultations with officers and departments.

“Our goal is to provide the consultants who can provide racial bias, microaggression, crisis intervention training that is culturally appropriate.”

Hear the story on North Country Public Radio.