Adirondack Diversity Initiative announces community policing program

February, 2021

The state-sponsored Adirondack Diversity Initiative has announced a Community Policing Initiative to help local law enforcement meet the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) requirements of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order on police reform.

The initiative sent a letter to law enforcement and local government officials in the North Country region, offering to provide Renz Consulting, LLC, as a consulting and training resource for police agencies. ADI said it also secured funding to offer the program at no cost to the first 60 participants.

“At ADI we don’t do diversity ‘training’ — something with a beginning and end. We develop cultural consciousness, which is a lifelong practice,” said ADI director Nicole Hylton-Patterson. “Cultural consciousness allows us to see ourselves as part of larger systems and structures that shape our values, beliefs and biases that are inherently human. Cultural consciousness is the groundwork of transformational justice.“

“The Community Policing Initiative is a gateway to realizing transformational justice in the Adirondack Park region, and we are excited to work with our law enforcement partners and community stakeholders throughout the region.”

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