State Theater to reopen

April, 2021

TUPPER LAKE — After more than a year of the State Theater being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, owner Sally Strasser is excited to start showing movies there again. A big reason why is because the community has been raising money to keep the State open for new movies after two essential pieces of equipment failed while the screens were closed to the public.

COVID claimed both of the theater’s computer servers through underuse. The technology is what allows the State to screen new movies.

“It’s pretty important,” Strasser said.

Servers decode Digital Cinema Package files, which movie distribution companies use to securely ship their films. They’re encrypted to avoid piracy. Replacing both will cost $16,000 and locals have already raised around half of that, enough for Strasser to purchase one server and get her larger downstairs theater ready for new releases.

Strasser has turned to the community for help with technology upgrades before. In 2013, Hollywood mandated all theaters switch from film to digital projection, creating an existential threat to small, independent movie houses like the State. Through the Adirondack North Country Association’s Go Digital or Go Dark campaign, Strasser raised over $70,000 to make the transition.

“I feel really bad having to ask,” she said Sunday. “I had already gone to them before, I felt really bad doing that.”

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